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Matt Bordenkircher - founder and owner

"My vision was to take my passion for whitetails and create a "one stop shop" for whitetail hunters. Provide guiding, outfitting, and taxidermy in one place. Growing up in the midwest on a large family owned farm allowed me to start hunting at an early age. I saw my dad harvest one of the biggest typicals in the state for that year at 6 years old, then i was hooked. That deer is actually the buck I used for the WSW logo. After 10 plus years of taxidermy, property and herd management, and guiding, its all taken shape into what it is today. My goal is to provide the highest quality I can, in every aspect of hunting. That includes a large emphasis on age structure,  genetics, and property management to make sure anyone involved has a high quality whitetail experience." -Matt Bordenkircher

Chris big deer_edited.jpg

Chris Kelly - Co-Owner

Also growing up in rural west central Illinois, Chris developed a strong passion for the outdoors. Being an avid whitetail and turkey hunter his entire life has provided Chris with the expertise necessary to be successful year after year on mature whitetails and turkey. Chris not only has years of personal success in the field, but also has years of experience in land management, guiding , and outfitting. 

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